If you live in Fresno County or are filing a claim in Fresno County, you can come in person to
the Better Business Bureau. The Small Claims and Civil Advisors can help guide you through
the court system in Fresno County.

The Small Claims and Civil Advisory program offers free help to people who are representing
themselves in court in certain types of civil cases.  Trained, knowledgeable staff can help
you find and fill out court forms, answer questions on how to proceed with your case, help
you understand the court process, and refer you to other resources to save time and
reduce frustration.  

Where are the Small Claims and Civil Advisors offices?
The Fresno County Small Claims and Civil Advisors are located inside the "Sisk" building
located at 1130 "O" Street.
Click here for directions and hours advisors are available.

Do I Need An Appointment to Speak with a Small Claims Advisor?
Just come in. We help people on a first come, first served basis. If you are coming into town
or have extenuating circumstances, then you may call for an appointment. Advisors are also
available to answer questions over the phone and the web.

How can a Small Claims Advisor help me?
The Small Claims Advisor can refer you to the resources you need for your court case. We
  • Give you information.
  • Refer you to other court resources or a private agency.
  • Recommend you talk to a lawyer and provide contact information for the Fresno
    County Bar Referral Service (fees may apply).

Can I get help with forms?
Yes. We can show you:
  • What forms are needed to file your case and answer any questions you may have.
  • In general, we are unable to complete forms for you. However we can walk you
    through the process and review them for accuracy upon completion.

Are there lawyers at the Small Claims Advisory Center?
Although a lawyer supervises the program for quality assurance and legal standards, the
attorney is not permitted to provide individual consultations, give legal advice or tell you the
best way to deal with your case. Our staff can only give you information and options about
a limited number of issues. We will either:

  • Help you at the Center.
  • Refer you to other organizations that can help you.
  • Refer you to a private attorney.

The Small Claims Advisors can assist with:
  • Small claims
  • Unlawful detainer (Evictions)
  • Civil harassment (restraining orders)
  • Elder abuse
  • Name changes
  • Consumer credit and protection
  • Personal injury (subject to limitations)
  • Property damage (subject to limitations)
  • Emancipations

Do I need to bring anything with me when I visit the Small Claims Advisors?
If you already have a court case, bring copies of all papers in your court file.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, bring all the information and documents you have
related to your case.

If you are being sued, bring copies of all documents you were served or got from the court.

What if I don’t speak English?
Our Advisors are bilingual and can assist you with gathering the proper court forms for your
needs. We request that you bring an interpreter of your choice to assist you in filling out
your forms as we are prohibited from doing this for you. If further translation is needed in
court, we ask that you come to your hearing with a translator who can provide this service
for you.
Fresno County Small Claims
and Civil Advisory
a project of the BBB in Partnership with Fresno Superior Court
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